June 23, 2010

swirly vase gets a makeover...

so you may remember this vase from this post here.
we had a good thriftin' day.
anyways, i got this vase for $1.50!!
i seen so much potential in it, had to have it, got it.

so i took it outta my stash and got to work...
i got project happy and didn't take a before picture. =(
i know. i know.

imagine this ugly pinkish orangish color on this beautiful swirly vase.
{pretend it's not in black and white, k?}

anyways, so i broke out my...
{who doesn't loooove heirloom white is craaazy!!}

and then i worked it's magic.
i am always thrilled by the way it turns out...
well besides this project here.
but THAT is a different day a different story.

ANYWHO, this is how my vase turned out...
{can you see all the swirly goodness?}

{i didn't have any flowers to put in it, sean if you're reading... hint hint hint!}

i am completely and truly happy with this vase.
i will not do one single thing to it besides get it some flowers {sean...!!!}
and find it a "home."

hope everyone had a happy hump day!!!

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  1. Yummy! Looks like an expensive Ballard or East Main vase now! I am going to try to do hot glue swirls and tissue paper on a plain vase. I posted about doing it with a fleur de lis design and i liked it but swirls are a little more work, I think!

  2. So pretty. It's so rewarding to find new life for something...especially when it turns out so well.

  3. Love what you did with that vase, Brandi! It looks so elegant now that it's white.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and the sweet comments -- and the follow! Can't wait to get to know you more! :) BTW - LOVE the name of your blog!

  4. So cute! I love white vases. I've picked up a few myself from my favorite thrift store here in my town. Marcia

  5. Happy Friday! I am stopping by via the linky party.

    Your vase looks utterly charming!

  6. Your vase came out great! What a difference.

    Thank you for linking up to Fab Friday -



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