June 12, 2010

a little blog design...

i love to rearrange things always.
my husband is always coming home to things
rearranged... or caitie saying "hey who moved this?"
me, i'm always the guilty one.
it gives the space a nice fresh new feel for
no $ what-so-ever!!
so yes, i am addicted!!

i'm fairly new to the bloggy world
and haven't really had time to customize my blog,
BUT i felt knew it was time!

so here it is?
what do you think?

yep, you said it, for me it's L.O.V.E.!!

MY background came from hot bliggity blog.
this site is wonderful!! many free backgrounds to choose from...
you can't beat FREE!
they even have a tutorial on how to install it!

i learned how to make a MY button from key lime designs.
she has lots of tutorials and will even
design your blog for you!!

i haven't figured out how to tab the page or
install a super cute font yet {i think know it's a necessity!}...
but all in time!!

hope you all enjoy!!

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