May 26, 2010

happy hump day...

happy hump day!
i just love wednesdays, they make the week go by so fast...
and the best thing about this week?
three day weekend! whoop whoop!!
it's always great when you get a day off, (even better when it's paid!)

i haven't gotten any crafting done... why you might ask??

(this is lola, the mother to be.)

we are breeding our english bulldog and we have been busy finding her a boyfriend, i know how exciting, right? well it's done and hopefully soon we'll have some pups... caitie is very excited for puppies!

hope you guys had a happy wednesday!

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May 24, 2010

polka dot wall decor...

i wanted to share one of my favorite projects i've ever done. i don't have before and after pictures but it was a very simple, one day project.

(this picture is pre-paxton so excuse the messy-ness)
i made polka dot wall decor out of embroidery hoops. i went to micheal's and bought different sizes of embroidery hoops. i paid maybe  $8 for all of them...
then i took regular craft paint .54 cents for the bottle and painted them white. i didn't even think of spray painting them but it probably would've been so much easier!
i picked out fabrics at Hobby Lobby one to match his bedding set, i bought 1 yard of each and had lots of extras. i ironed them and put them through the hoop as if i were going to embroider something. i cut the fabric down in the back and glued down what i could and hung them up randomly.
i loooooved how they turned out! so simple and under $15... probably a lot less if you had coupons and were less impatient than me.

(his bedding... i loved it! especially the polka dots!)

(my belly a couple of days before he was born)

(newborn baby paxton micheal, isn't he beautiful?)
hope you all had a great monday!!

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May 23, 2010

flower mirror redo part I...

so today was exciting, i spray painted for the first time... EVER!! i know i know... i have also never modge podged either... so sad.
BUT back to the spray painting, my sister in law told me about the handle/sprayer and said it was awesome so of course i grabbed one of those, and i have to say it was super easy to put on and use.

so what was the first thing i spray painted...

it was this!! i bought this at a local thrift store and got half off, i was so excited and it was definitely something that would go in my daughter's room.

evidently it has been multiple colors and was this ugly reddish pink color when i got it. i sanded it some and seen green, black, pink, and yellow... should be interesting.

of course the next thing i wanted to do was cover the mirror so i broke out the painter's tape...

let me tell you, i should've picked a square mirror, getting around all those curves was almost impossible...BUT i did it!
(p.s.) do you like my spray painting sheet?? my husband and i's first sheet set together... haha. ick!! at least it'll be getting some good use!

i am still working on a coat or two so come back for part II and i will show you how my first project turned out!!

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May 20, 2010

sooo i'm the new kid in town...

hello all! yes i am the new kid in town...
i have recently discovered "the blog world" and have fell in love... how could i
not? =)
my project list is long and i have burning desire to redo every room in my house, my husband thinks i'm crazy, but i think surely i can do it... between working, being a mommy, and a wife... hopefully without going crazy.

so maybe i should say a few things about myself.
i am a mother to two, Caitie is 4 and Paxton is 7 months tomorrow... =(

(this picture is from halloween 09, we are still obsessed with mermaids)

(baby pax, he's much older now)
i am a wife to sean, i have 5 nieces, another on the way, and 2 nephews.
i am married to my best friend, who gets me and puts up with me. we have an english bulldog, Lola who is well just Lola. =)
you can find us with family most weekends, others at home.
i enjoy thrift stores, shopping, watching movies, occasional baking, eating (what's not to like), taking pictures of my beautiful babies, my pacifica (aka mommy wagon as sean calls it, i just love it!), target, crafting and making things new, decorating the house (with the exception of curtains, hate those...), gardening, and just all around life.

p.s. i need to figure out how to make my blog pretty... anyone have any tips... i would loove to hear them!