June 30, 2010

yay!! a blog award...

YES, you read it correct. i got my FIRST blog award...

i'm very very excited!!
i received it from Amanda at the hand me down house.
if you haven't checked out her blog, you should, she is super sweet
and has great AWESOME projects that you seriously should check her out ASAP!so with the award i have to tell you 7 random things about me,

so here they are:
1.my husband and i did everything backwards {not on purpose though}, we had caitie, went on our honeymoon, bought a house, and then finally got married. backwards seemed to work for us.
2.i am a flip flop girl. i would wear them everyday if i could get away with it at work, even in the snow.
3.i absolutely love my job, most parts anyways.
4.i love peanut butter, anyway anyhow.
5.i am addicted to my ipod touch and secretly wishes it was an iphone, darn verizon!
6.my son paxton wasn't named until he was 5 hours old, {boys names are hard!!}.
7.i grew up in a town with a population of 17,000 and now my kids are growing up in town with less than 1700. i couldn't love it anymore!

and now i have to pass on the award.
so the award goes to:

4.carrie at dittle dattle
7.brittany at everyday mom

so congrats girls, now go pass it on!
hope everyone had a happy hump day!

June 27, 2010

so the weekend is gone...

so how was everyone's weekend??
we had a good weekend for 3 reasons...
1. no work for me on saturday... yay!!!
2. we finally had a yardsale and made lots of $$
3. i got to take a long nap... oh how i L.O.V.E. naps!!

well reason #1 is the best... no work on saturday doesn't come very often.
#2 was exciting because it was our first yardsale since we've lived in our house... 4 years of junk. sadly we didn't get rid of all of it... but we made lots of money! my husband and i decided to split it down the middle... i'm pondering what i will buy. i'm thinking a criket!
and #3 well just because i have an 8 month old who has yet to sleep through the night... so well all the extra sleep is LOVED!

so tomorrow is monday, back to work, and i'll have some posts.
i've been a bad blogger, but i know you all understand.

ANYWAYS, hope everyone has a good week.

June 23, 2010

swirly vase gets a makeover...

so you may remember this vase from this post here.
we had a good thriftin' day.
anyways, i got this vase for $1.50!!
i seen so much potential in it, had to have it, got it.

so i took it outta my stash and got to work...
i got project happy and didn't take a before picture. =(
i know. i know.

imagine this ugly pinkish orangish color on this beautiful swirly vase.
{pretend it's not in black and white, k?}

anyways, so i broke out my...
{who doesn't loooove heirloom white is craaazy!!}

and then i worked it's magic.
i am always thrilled by the way it turns out...
well besides this project here.
but THAT is a different day a different story.

ANYWHO, this is how my vase turned out...
{can you see all the swirly goodness?}

{i didn't have any flowers to put in it, sean if you're reading... hint hint hint!}

i am completely and truly happy with this vase.
i will not do one single thing to it besides get it some flowers {sean...!!!}
and find it a "home."

hope everyone had a happy hump day!!!

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June 21, 2010

goodbye dora, hello polka dots...

so of course my daughter loved dora, so what did we change her nursery over to? dora, of course... did you get my past tense... LOVED?? yes we are so over dora, so we are redoing the room again, a big big girl room. =) no more dora! hoorah!!

so we start with this dora night light.
{i appologize again for bad photos, remember i craft after bedtime}

i didn't want to get rid of it because it worked perfectly. it was just that ugly cover {no offense dora, we've just had enough of you!}
so i got to thinking... what would be the easiest way to make the night light awesome again??

MOD PODGE... my newly found love of course!!
so we whipped out the mod podge, our choice of paper, scissors, pencil, and sponge brush.
and this is how it turned out...
{again remember the reason for the bad pictures}

it was such an EASY project!! i would do it again in a million years. can you tell what theme we decided to go with? stay tuned to see how her room redo goes! it's still very much a work in progress though.

lets look at the pictures one more time...

yep, i'm satisfied!! hope you all have a wonderful tuesday!!

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June 20, 2010

maycee belle is here...

is finally here!!
maycee belle made her arrival at 5:06 pm.
she weighed 6 lbs and 13 oz and was 20 3/4 long.

isn't she beautiful??

this is going to be pax's little buddy. =)
be prepared maycee belle!

i hope all the fathers had a happy father's day
and everyone else a fantastic sunday!

June 19, 2010

my new niece...

my sister in law is in labor at the hospital as we speak.
{poor aim, remember to breathe} =)
maycee belle will be here today!!
we are very excited!
she is only two days past her due date...oh lucky girl.
i went over TWO weeks with my daughter. ick, i felt awful.

anyways, she has THE cutest nursery. she is
a do-it-herself kind of girl with the greatest ideas! wanna see some pictures? yes?

don't you love that cute tree? she painted it herself!!
the pink side table, spray paint!! oh how i love thee!
isn't the bedding beautiful? i just love the birdies & polka dots!
i L.O.V.E. her feather wreath!!
can you see her diaper bag on the door?? super cute, well she bought that.
but she has great taste!!
the poms over the changing table? yep she made those!
can you see the walls to the left?
she striped them with something, poly e maybe...
 but i love it. and i want to do it somewhere in my house!
see the birdy painting?? yep she did that too!

she does it all!!

now everyone go visit aimee at mccabe moments
and tell her how much you love maycee belle's room!

maycee belle we cannot wait to meet you!! you are going to
L.O.V.E. your new room!! Great job Aimee!!!

i hope you all have a great weekend!!

June 18, 2010

blog party...

how is everyone on this beautiful friday??
i'm feeling better and glad to be back to work,
only for a day!!

anyways, blog party at the trendy treehouse.
join us!!!

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June 17, 2010

my thriftin' goodies...

so i've been a little MIA. i've been sick. strep. ick.
yep, missed THREE days of work. i barely missed that when i had pax. {okay so i kid} but seriously i'm going stir crazy. i have the boy home today so that should keep me busy... he's crawling... dum dum dum. he's doing good, not getting into too many things. i already have the cabinets locked from caitie {those are a must} so he can't get into that. i have caught him chewing on magazines and trying to play the wii. =)

i finally took pictures of all my goodies from saturday and i wanted to share.
{minus a few things, my daughter likes junk as much as i do. go figure. ha}
      {a new wooden wreath still wrapped in plastic for .50}         
{a wooden and glass stand $2 for one $3 for the other}       
{a plastic tray .50}
{a pretty pillow case for .25}

{lots of glassware, none over .50}
{lots of pretty frames $1 a piece}
{this coffee/side table $10 and 25% off that. i love it, sean said it was ugly. i hope i can make him eat his words!}


my favorite...
{wire bird cage $3, hadn't even put it on the shelves yet! SCORE! now where to put it?}
{caitie was very happy about her purchases too. haha}

the salvation army had their books on sale so i got three hard backs for .25 a piece. i also found a brand new bag of spanish moss for .50, i was super excited for that. i got a long piece of lace that looked like a table runner but figured i'd do something pretty with that. i also got a pair of shoes and a couple of toys for pax. all under.... $25!!! what a cheap day for shopping!!
i cannot wait to start on these projects when i feel better!!
where is your favorite place to find deals??
happy thursday!

June 14, 2010

a little birdy...

how was everyone's weekend?
i had a wonderful weekend, well besides work. ick. nah,
it isn't all that bad. =)

besides working, i went thrftin'!!
i'm so glad caitie enjoys it as much i do!! we got some awesome
stuff but no pictures ready, so i'll have to make you all jealous another day ;)

one of the things i did get was this little birdy... for a buck fifty!!
i was very excited, i haven't been able to find a birdy any anywhere.

this is what he looked like when we took him home.
{isn't he beautiful?}

we gave him a good bath.
then we
we used some of this:
{i'm fixing to have to restock!}

man how i love it!
and the little guy turned out like this:
{sorry for the bad pictures, i usually craft when the childrens are sleeping =) you mommies understand.}
{can you see the holes in his mouth? i think in a previoius life he was a salt/pepper shaker, but we'll fix it!}

i'm happy for the most part, but something is still missing.
i think his details need to show a little more.. he's too bland.
i'll have to do more surgery on him and post pictures!!
but not today. =)


hope everyone has an awesome monday!
well as awesome as they can get. =)

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June 12, 2010

a little blog design...

i love to rearrange things always.
my husband is always coming home to things
rearranged... or caitie saying "hey who moved this?"
me, i'm always the guilty one.
it gives the space a nice fresh new feel for
no $ what-so-ever!!
so yes, i am addicted!!

i'm fairly new to the bloggy world
and haven't really had time to customize my blog,
BUT i felt knew it was time!

so here it is?
what do you think?

yep, you said it, for me it's L.O.V.E.!!

MY background came from hot bliggity blog.
this site is wonderful!! many free backgrounds to choose from...
you can't beat FREE!
they even have a tutorial on how to install it!

i learned how to make a MY button from key lime designs.
she has lots of tutorials and will even
design your blog for you!!

i haven't figured out how to tab the page or
install a super cute font yet {i think know it's a necessity!}...
but all in time!!

hope you all enjoy!!

June 10, 2010

caitie's polka dot mod podge letters

so last night after buying my first bottle of mod podge i got to work.
we bought my daughters name in wooden letters four years
ago (yep she's four, i'm old)
they were white and looked beautiful in her nursery.
when we did her big girl room we took them down and
never put them back up.
i am planning a redo on her room
and thought this would be the perfect first project.

these were my supplies:
(minus the scissors and pen)

step 1: clean them.
step 2: figure out what paper you want where.
step 3: trace your letters.
step 4: cut them out. i used scissors, probably
much easier with an exacto knife (which i need to buy).
step 5: cover your letter with mod podge and lay
paper over it smoothing out all bubbles.
step 6: put a layer of mod podge over the letters and let dry.
(step 6)

step 7: repeat step 6 if you wish.
step 8: enjoy them!!!
(finished project)

what do you think??
(boring white letters)

(just awesomeness!!)

yep it's love. even from caitie!! she says "thank you mommy!"
it was so simple, if i can do it, so can you!
i can say now we will be doing MANY more of these projects!!

happy almost friday! =)

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June 9, 2010

pax's surgery & mod podge...

so we found out a couple of months ago that my little man is tongue tied,
 where his tongue is connected too closely to the tip.
it results in bad feeding, speech impediments, and more.
we switched pediatricians at 6 months and our new one (who is wonderful) discovered it.
poor pax has suffered for a long time, he's almost 8 months and still on newborn nipples, switching formula many times, gas, and not eating more than 5-6 oz in a sitting.
it makes me so angry they didn't find it sooner, but i won't get on my soap box =)

we made an appointment asap to get it clipped. =(
today was the day. i made the hubs go with me and stay with him and of course i'd cuddle after.
it went very well. he screamed for a good while, very hard for a momma to hear.
but so far so good, he's been eating and in a good mood.
so glad!
he keeps clicking his tongue... i guess he's noticed the difference. =)

i took the day off because i wasn't sure how he was going to react (which he ended up doing well) so we decided to take a trip to HOBBY LOBBY. the closest one to us is 30 minutes away so i only go every once in awhile. today while i was there i bought my first bottle of...

i know how exciting, right?
we played around with it and oh how i'm in love!!
so many projects come to mind!!

anyways, i enjoyed my day off.
hope everyone else had a happy hump day!