August 30, 2010

my beautiful new wall...

it's been so long i've almost forgotten how to blog...
JUST KIDDING. but really it's been FOREVER again, i know i know.
i hope most of you haven't forgotten about me.
this is the LAST week with the puppies... HOORAH! then they go their new homes,
well besides one... he's still available if anyone is interested ;)

i've been having lots of trouble getting inspired lately. i've done a few things, but not like i was. i hope to get my mojo back after puppies are gone and i can just take care of 3 kids (yes, i included my husband in that) insteand of 9. that takes a lot out of you!

anyways, on to my project. you remember my book wreath here.
i could never figure out where i wanted to put it. i hung it in my bedroom (which is not decorated AT ALL, i mean we don't even have a matching comforter set but SOON!) but the walls are tan and it blended in. so i knew i had to move it. 

so i finally came up with this wall above my couch. it's been blank and so have i... UNTIL now =)

so what do you think?? YEP i L.O.V.E. it!!!

i've been stashing frames and finally got to spray paint them. i've been wanting to do this forever, because IT'S AWESOME, and finally got hubs to hang stuff (that's like pulling teeth for him) BUT we got it done, and other stuff (stay tuned, more posts i  PROMISE!) but it was easy so easy!! i would do it again in a second (might very soon, i am the WORST at rearranging things, haha, poor hubs).

anyways, hope your monday wasn't too horrible.

August 17, 2010

annd we have a winner...

winner is...

commenter #20, Liz from Project Naptime who said
"I'm a follower! I love your blog! Liz"

Congratulations Liz... step down and claim your prize!!!
{no really, email me at talesofadomesticgoddess{at}hotmail{dot}com with your mailing address :)  }

yay!!! AND thanks to all you wonderful followers!! i enjoy reading EVERY comment!!

August 12, 2010


THE giveaway needs... LOTS more entries!!!
DON'T forget to enter... TWO ways.
ENDS monday... TELL everyone!!!

=) =)
happy friday Y'ALL!!!

August 10, 2010

down memory lane...

this is a project caitie and i did last summer.
we had fun doing it and it's something i'll keep forever.

i need wall coverage in her room, we'd never done any hand/foot prints so i thought "exactly what we're going to do!"

we bought two 2 packs of small canvas, 50% off of course!
picked out pretty paints and got to work!

we painted the canvas and then took her feet put them on two and then the other two canvas we used her hands. we wrote the date on the back and then hubs put hangers on them and up they went.

so simple yet so meaningful!!
when she outgrows them, they will be mine!!

so sad, she starts PRE-K in less than a week.
where does the time go?!?

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August 9, 2010

flower mirror redo part II...

so i was looking through my craft closet {yes i only get a closet} =(
for crafts/projects i can do without stepping foot outside when i came
across this mirror! i had completely forgotten about it!!
i first posted about it here.
it didn't turn out the way i'd hoped. the paint cracked and i wasn't sure.

so after i'd rediscovered it i thought i was going to mod podge it with some cute paper...
i couldn't decided which paper to use so i decided to polka dot it since it was going in caitie's room.

so i took a spray paint can lid and traced circles all over the mirror.

then i got to painting...

i wish i could paint as well as i traced the circles... then it would be perfect,
but that wouldn't be right.

here's the polka dots drying... not too badly messy. =)

then i decided to use poly on it.
first time ever. it sure made the black pop after it had dried!
i WILL use it again!

i haven't decided on a permanent place in caitie's room,
so i hung it up just so i could get a feel...

not even close to being perfect but caitie & i are A-okay with that!!

i hope everyone had a happy MONDAY!

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August 8, 2010

my FIRST giveaway...

i hope it's the first of many!!
should be excited & i'm nervous {but i won't go into that}...

so what's up for grabs??

ONLY a $20 hobby lobby gift card!!
what you couldn't hear me??

a $20 HOBBY LOBBY gift card!!

okay so i'm done yelling!! =)

how can you enter??
only 2 ways...
1. follow me and comment letting me know you did, if you already do, let me know that.
2. blog about my giveaway and link back here.

the giveaway will go on for a week and end MONDAY, AUGUST 16th at midnight!!

GOOD LUCK ALL & let your friends know!!

August 6, 2010

more birds {i think i'm in love!}...

so did i ever mention how i loove birds, and well bird houses? well i do!
they are SUPER cute, small, cuddly, and they eat worms. {not a reason why i love them, ha}
but i keep finding more of them, and of course more ideas!!

so do you remember this bird from here?
that white paint helped so much, but it was still bland.
plus i have TONS of upper cabinet space that needs some lovin' so i wanted more for the little fellow,
plus if it wasn't perfect i was just going on top of the cabinets where no one could admire it from up close. =)

so i started out here:
i did some experimenting with that pot so it wasn't in the best of shape, but like i said, top of the cabinets. so i decided to paint the pot yellow.

so i painted, it turned out like POO...
 urg, i hate when the vision in my head isn't the vision that comes out. so i decided to use black to cover it up.

some of the yellow showed and it was okay with me.
it turned out like this:

so i was pleased... not perfect by any means but just RIGHT for me!!

do things always turn out as you've planned them?? i find those few and in between!! but not everything can be perfect... just life. we must love it as it is!!!

happy saturday!! enjoy it!

the summer blues...

hello everyone!!!
hope you didn't forget about me... the hard puppy days {aka late night puppy feedings} are ALMOST over, i can sleep function again!

i have so many projects i need to get done...

hello, my name is brandi, and i am an addict!
i love to think up, buy, and then NOT finish my projects. anyone else as bad as me?!
my kitchen still is NOT painted. but hey, i work a full time job and are taking care of 9 kids {and yes i included my hubs in that, haha} i think i'm doing pretty good to remember to brush my teeth {only kidding}!

but all in serious-ness {is that a word?} anyone else live in the south?
it has been HOT! i mean H-O-T all week long.
OVER THE 100s!!!
which means i run from my car to my front door, i don't like to sweat! hot days = no spray painting = no projects!!
thursday we got rain... HOORAY! after it stopped i realized it cooled off, so i got something ready to paint, only to walk outside and it was raining again. POO!

i went out tonight and it was cool enough to paint.. YIPEE!! so off i went on some projects, plus i had ME time!! <--- that does NOT happen often! dishes were done, laundry done, puppies fed... so i got to work. be sure to follow up on what i started AND what i finished. i seriously think that not finishing projects should be my new years resolution!!

here are some pictures of my past puppy filled week!! they are SO cute and they all have new homes except 2!!
ANNNND they have their eyes open!! SOO sweet!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

PS i did NOT forget about the GIVEAWAY... will start soon... whoo hoo OVER 100 followers!

July 29, 2010

i am ALIVE...

wow!! it's been a LOOONG time since i've had a post.
wanna know why??


YEP!! we have lola puppies {english bulldog}!!!
very exciting... and we have SIX!!
that is a lot of puppies...

so puppies mean every TWO hour feedings,
making sure they eat enough, they are warm enough, they go potty, and everything else!!
it's VERY stressful, but fun of course!!!
i'm trying to talk hubs into keep one... lola needs a buddy!!
caitie wants to hold them, pax, well he cares less. =)

so i've been very exhausted... but there will be MORE posts I PROMISE!!
so don't forget about me!!


we made it to 100 followers!! HOORAH!
so a giveaway VERY SOON!! stay tuned!!!

hope you guys have a had a good week!!!

July 22, 2010

silverware wall decor...

silverware picture...
{i cannot remember where i seen it first, so if you know... PLEASE tell me so i can give the proper credit to them!}

ANYWAYS, redoing kitchen, or at least i think i am, by bits and pieces, oh what a mess. i need some new wall decor... cheap wall decor is even better. i seen this picture around and knew it would be cheap, easy, and beautiful to redo.

so i started out with:
of course you remember my thriftin' goodies.

on THIS project i used:
1. picture frame $1 at salvation army
2. 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon .75 at salvation army
3. a piece of lace from a curtain .25 at salvation army
4. spray paint {had on hand}
5. glue gun & sticks {had on hand}
TOTAL = $2.00

so to start i took the frame apart, kept the cardboard and i'll save the glass for another project then i spray painted it with:
{i'm a big fan of black, can you tell?}

then it looked like this:

then i took the lace and wrapped it around the cardboard and hot glued it down. then i put the cardboard back in the frame
AND it looked like THIS:
{i looove this lace, don't be surprised if you see it in another post, cause i got LOTS left!}

then i glued the knife, fork, and spoon to the front,
THAT looked like:
{yep you guessed, i already love it!}

then i had a dilemma... i couldn't decide how to hang it up, with ribbon or lace. so after much deliberation between my co-worker and i {yes, at work again, but only half of it, and we have been REALLY slow} we decided on lace. so then i glue it to the back of the frame like this:

and hung it up. after that it looked like this:

for some reason i didn't like the way the lace hung so i played with it a little.

much better!!!
i took it home at lunch and hung it on my half way painted kitchen walls.
{pretend it's all painted and you see no red, k?}

so what is the verdict??
was it worth $2??
what's your favorite piece of wall decor in your kitchen??

hooRah it's almost friday!!!

i'll be linking to these parties here.

July 21, 2010

my paxton...

is 9 MONTHS today!!
that means, in 3 months, he'll be ONE...
he is 3/4 of a YEAR old.
did you get that, my BABY will be ONE... my last baby {knock on wood, we're done, haha} ever baby will be one.

where does the time go?
he's went from a 7lb 3oz sweet little prince to a
21lb rotten little boy... and i'm not kidding =)

he is such a momma's boy and he's never
slept a day in his crib!!
BUT that's A. okay with me.

this picture is from saturday. it's of paxton and my little brother {even though he isn't so little}. 

i just love the shirt pax is wearing, if you can't read it, it says...
off of the office... we loooove that show!!
if you haven't watched it, well you should!

happy 9 months pax!
 happy hump day!!!

July 20, 2010

my first wreath...

so today's post is about my very FIRST wreath EVER!!
can you believe it, i've never made one.
kinda makes me sad when i think about it because i LOOOOVE the way this one turned out!
{i LOOOVE a lot}
AND with every post i'm getting more confident in myself... in the crafts i do which will make me more brave to try the bigger projects that i have in mind. =)

this wreath i first seen over at living with lindsay.
her wreath is beautiful, inspiring.
so of course i had to copy recreate it. =)

i started with:
{minus: glue gun, pen, ribbon, and pins}

i then tore out all the pages of the book that didn't have pictures. my co worker {yes, i did this while at work... shhh.. it was a very slow day} couldn't believe i was tearing apart a book. i wish i couldn't gotten a picture of her face for you guys!!
i took the pen and stuck it in the middle of the page and sorta wrapped the page around it. when it looked pretty i put a dab of hot glue on the end and stabbed the foam wreath. it's good great therapy! =)

and that looked like this:

my co worker kept saying... "oh yeah, that's different, really different"
i just smiled, i knew it was going to be beautiful!!
{this is before it was full}

i kept doing that... i think it took about 3 hours total... but HEY, i had the time. =) when i started on the insides and sides it was taking too long to hold the paper on and letting the glue dry and i got a couple lot of wounds {all worth it of course} so i got out sewing pins and stuck them in. held up and hurt a lot less!!

At this time she was saying "wow, that really is cool and beautiful" again i just smiled, i didn't did want to say "i told you so" =)

{i put the ribbon on the back with pins... super easy!}

{this is on the wall at work... still looks fabulous!}

i took it home at lunch... i wanted had to know what it would look like next to my walls. i didn't hang it up though, my 3rd shift hubs was sleeping, i don't think he'd be too happy, me waking him up. =)

break down of costs:
1 foam wreath $7.99 {hobby lobby, didn't have a coupon}
1 book .25 cents {salvation army}
1 inch of ribbon $0 {had on hand}
glue & glue gun $0 {also on hand}
TOTAL = $8.24
under 10 bucks, can't be that for this awesomeness!! =)

so what do you think? was it worth the 3 hours it took?
what kind of wreaths have you all made??


Hope you all have a terrific tuesday!

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