July 29, 2010

i am ALIVE...

wow!! it's been a LOOONG time since i've had a post.
wanna know why??


YEP!! we have lola puppies {english bulldog}!!!
very exciting... and we have SIX!!
that is a lot of puppies...

so puppies mean every TWO hour feedings,
making sure they eat enough, they are warm enough, they go potty, and everything else!!
it's VERY stressful, but fun of course!!!
i'm trying to talk hubs into keep one... lola needs a buddy!!
caitie wants to hold them, pax, well he cares less. =)

so i've been very exhausted... but there will be MORE posts I PROMISE!!
so don't forget about me!!


we made it to 100 followers!! HOORAH!
so a giveaway VERY SOON!! stay tuned!!!

hope you guys have a had a good week!!!

July 22, 2010

silverware wall decor...

silverware picture...
{i cannot remember where i seen it first, so if you know... PLEASE tell me so i can give the proper credit to them!}

ANYWAYS, redoing kitchen, or at least i think i am, by bits and pieces, oh what a mess. i need some new wall decor... cheap wall decor is even better. i seen this picture around and knew it would be cheap, easy, and beautiful to redo.

so i started out with:
of course you remember my thriftin' goodies.

on THIS project i used:
1. picture frame $1 at salvation army
2. 1 knife, 1 fork, 1 spoon .75 at salvation army
3. a piece of lace from a curtain .25 at salvation army
4. spray paint {had on hand}
5. glue gun & sticks {had on hand}
TOTAL = $2.00

so to start i took the frame apart, kept the cardboard and i'll save the glass for another project then i spray painted it with:
{i'm a big fan of black, can you tell?}

then it looked like this:

then i took the lace and wrapped it around the cardboard and hot glued it down. then i put the cardboard back in the frame
AND it looked like THIS:
{i looove this lace, don't be surprised if you see it in another post, cause i got LOTS left!}

then i glued the knife, fork, and spoon to the front,
THAT looked like:
{yep you guessed, i already love it!}

then i had a dilemma... i couldn't decide how to hang it up, with ribbon or lace. so after much deliberation between my co-worker and i {yes, at work again, but only half of it, and we have been REALLY slow} we decided on lace. so then i glue it to the back of the frame like this:

and hung it up. after that it looked like this:

for some reason i didn't like the way the lace hung so i played with it a little.

much better!!!
i took it home at lunch and hung it on my half way painted kitchen walls.
{pretend it's all painted and you see no red, k?}

so what is the verdict??
was it worth $2??
what's your favorite piece of wall decor in your kitchen??

hooRah it's almost friday!!!

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July 21, 2010

my paxton...

is 9 MONTHS today!!
that means, in 3 months, he'll be ONE...
he is 3/4 of a YEAR old.
did you get that, my BABY will be ONE... my last baby {knock on wood, we're done, haha} ever baby will be one.

where does the time go?
he's went from a 7lb 3oz sweet little prince to a
21lb rotten little boy... and i'm not kidding =)

he is such a momma's boy and he's never
slept a day in his crib!!
BUT that's A. okay with me.

this picture is from saturday. it's of paxton and my little brother {even though he isn't so little}. 

i just love the shirt pax is wearing, if you can't read it, it says...
off of the office... we loooove that show!!
if you haven't watched it, well you should!

happy 9 months pax!
 happy hump day!!!

July 20, 2010

my first wreath...

so today's post is about my very FIRST wreath EVER!!
can you believe it, i've never made one.
kinda makes me sad when i think about it because i LOOOOVE the way this one turned out!
{i LOOOVE a lot}
AND with every post i'm getting more confident in myself... in the crafts i do which will make me more brave to try the bigger projects that i have in mind. =)

this wreath i first seen over at living with lindsay.
her wreath is beautiful, inspiring.
so of course i had to copy recreate it. =)

i started with:
{minus: glue gun, pen, ribbon, and pins}

i then tore out all the pages of the book that didn't have pictures. my co worker {yes, i did this while at work... shhh.. it was a very slow day} couldn't believe i was tearing apart a book. i wish i couldn't gotten a picture of her face for you guys!!
i took the pen and stuck it in the middle of the page and sorta wrapped the page around it. when it looked pretty i put a dab of hot glue on the end and stabbed the foam wreath. it's good great therapy! =)

and that looked like this:

my co worker kept saying... "oh yeah, that's different, really different"
i just smiled, i knew it was going to be beautiful!!
{this is before it was full}

i kept doing that... i think it took about 3 hours total... but HEY, i had the time. =) when i started on the insides and sides it was taking too long to hold the paper on and letting the glue dry and i got a couple lot of wounds {all worth it of course} so i got out sewing pins and stuck them in. held up and hurt a lot less!!

At this time she was saying "wow, that really is cool and beautiful" again i just smiled, i didn't did want to say "i told you so" =)

{i put the ribbon on the back with pins... super easy!}

{this is on the wall at work... still looks fabulous!}

i took it home at lunch... i wanted had to know what it would look like next to my walls. i didn't hang it up though, my 3rd shift hubs was sleeping, i don't think he'd be too happy, me waking him up. =)

break down of costs:
1 foam wreath $7.99 {hobby lobby, didn't have a coupon}
1 book .25 cents {salvation army}
1 inch of ribbon $0 {had on hand}
glue & glue gun $0 {also on hand}
TOTAL = $8.24
under 10 bucks, can't be that for this awesomeness!! =)

so what do you think? was it worth the 3 hours it took?
what kind of wreaths have you all made??


Hope you all have a terrific tuesday!

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July 17, 2010

yay!!! 50 followers...

i am super excited... i have 50 followers!!!! YAY!
i know, not huge, but HUGE to me!!! =) =)
 i remember when i got my first. that made my heart pitter-patter and now to 50. WOW!
you guys made my weekend!

so when i get to 100 we will have some sort of giveaway!
you guys let me know what kind of giveaway you would prefer!!
in the meantime, everyone have an AWESOME weekend!!

July 14, 2010

mellow yellow...

so happy wednesday everyone!!
my vacation is over and back to work for me.
i looove my job so i was A. okay with it, it was sad to leave my pax man again.
we were nap buddies... did i ever mention how much i LOOOOVE naps? well if not, now you know! =)

ANYWHO on with my post.

so you remember these goodies from here?!? well minus the paint. =)

i paid $1 for the glass dome and $2 for the bottom!!!
plus $2.67 a piece for the spray paint... i was out =/
total=$8.34... under $10 i can live with that!

anyways. so i gave it a good cleaning.
sanded the bottom
{i am SO bad at taking pictures, i usually get SO excited. =) you know how it goes}
i primed it with white
then when it dried, i whipped out the yellow
{which is part of the scheme to my new kitchen, in the works =) }
when it dried i put in some spanish moss,
put a little birdy in...

ANNND VOILA... here she is!!!

isn't she beautiful??

YEP! i think so too!!

this is my FAVORITE project TO DATE!!

L.O.V.E. L.O.V.E. L.O.V.E. it!!!

one more look??
OKAY, you talked me into it!

OF course i'll have to find her a permanent home when the kitchen is done!!
hope you guys have a great night...
i'm off to watch BIG BROTHER!!
{i think i have TOO many addictions!}

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July 13, 2010

yay!! another bloggy award...

i got the
yay! thank you kaley!! bTw, YOU should check out her blog! super cute!!

so the rules are -
1. Thank the blogger who gave it to you
2. List 7 things that people may not know about you
3. pass the love to 15 deserving bloggers that you have discovered recently
4. let them know that you gave them an award

so the 7 things people MAY or MAY NOT know about me are:
1. i have have been pregnant 3 times, 2 children, 1 miscarriage.
2. our english bulldog is due with puppies ANY day now. =)
3. i cannot stand to hear whinning & i have a 4 year old. ha!
4. i am addicted to mocha frappe's from mcd's.
5. i just watched twilight a week ago and have already watched all of them! i love it, but not the overly love. haha
6. i L.O.V.E. ebay!!
7. i don't drink cokes... EVER!

ANDDD the award goes to....

adios snowman...

so i bought this beastly thing for $2/$3
{yes i seen past all that beastly-ness}

i sanded it some {i'm not a big sander so the less sanding the better}
and then i took it outside to spray paint it black.
after i was done spray painting it, it looked like this:
{remember this paper from here?}

i had my paper picked out and i got out my mod podge.
this is the biggest surface area that i have mod podged.
it was a challenge, harder than i thought it would be.

wanna see the end result??
{don't you love all of my picture taking places? haha!}

yes it is glorious!! it will be my center of my kitchen table...
although it does need some friends other than the salt & pepper.

one last look? okay you talked me into it. =)

happy monday y'all!

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July 11, 2010

rainy vacation = no projects...

so i've been on vacation for the past couple days, yay!!
the weather here has been awful!
nothing but rain! i haven't been able to paint or get any projects done that i'd planned to do.
it finally held off for awhile and i got started on...

makes me oh so happy!! =) and i'm actually doing it,
instead of making hubs do it. man it's some hard work. that's okay i need the exercise!!

oh, and my mother in law got a new camera so i got her handme down (can't beat free!) and it's wonderful! so much better than my pink polaroid. i told the hubs he could have that one, he wasn't too keen on that. ha!
hope everyone had a great weekend!
be on the look out for a couple of more projects from me. =)

July 8, 2010

a bird gets a house...

so i was looking around hobby lobby
{i <3 hobby lobby, i could live there, well almost}
and found these cute bird houses unfinished... half off... so around 1.50.

{i thought it was cuuuute!}

so then i took outside, gave it a good coat of black spray paint.
i let the dry and brought it in.
i had found some cute swirly paper from HL and decided to add that to the house.

{i loooove the paper! sorry it's sorta blurry, i need a new camera!}

i mod podged them onto the roof and let it dry...

AND then it turned out like this:

{i added the white dots because it seemed really dark}

what do you think??
i was going to put it outside but it's too cute, sorry birdies!!

ONE more look...


YEAH, i pretty much love it!! all under $3, can't beat that!!

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