June 9, 2010

pax's surgery & mod podge...

so we found out a couple of months ago that my little man is tongue tied,
 where his tongue is connected too closely to the tip.
it results in bad feeding, speech impediments, and more.
we switched pediatricians at 6 months and our new one (who is wonderful) discovered it.
poor pax has suffered for a long time, he's almost 8 months and still on newborn nipples, switching formula many times, gas, and not eating more than 5-6 oz in a sitting.
it makes me so angry they didn't find it sooner, but i won't get on my soap box =)

we made an appointment asap to get it clipped. =(
today was the day. i made the hubs go with me and stay with him and of course i'd cuddle after.
it went very well. he screamed for a good while, very hard for a momma to hear.
but so far so good, he's been eating and in a good mood.
so glad!
he keeps clicking his tongue... i guess he's noticed the difference. =)

i took the day off because i wasn't sure how he was going to react (which he ended up doing well) so we decided to take a trip to HOBBY LOBBY. the closest one to us is 30 minutes away so i only go every once in awhile. today while i was there i bought my first bottle of...

i know how exciting, right?
we played around with it and oh how i'm in love!!
so many projects come to mind!!

anyways, i enjoyed my day off.
hope everyone else had a happy hump day!

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