June 2, 2010

hello again...

i hope everyone has been good the past week/weekend/memorial day...
wow, it's been a whole week since i've posted.
just been busy and went on a vacation!! :)

nothing huge, just a weekend away to branson, mo.
pax's very first stay away from home!
it's a measley 3 hours away and luckily we had an awesome car ride,
timed it just right!

caitie was very excited to stay in a "castle"
she wanted to know if we would be back to stay again. =)
we were all so exhausted when we got home we all took long naps.

we rode the ducks,
(caitie got to drive)
(pax just relaxed and enjoyed the ride)

then we visited the dinosaur museum,
(while pax enjoyed it caitie did not. haha love her face!)

and we also went to ripley's believe it or not.
(caitie, pax, and i outside ripley's)

overall it was a nice trip, short and sweet, and much needed!
but i'm back now, so watch for new posts!!

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