June 17, 2010

my thriftin' goodies...

so i've been a little MIA. i've been sick. strep. ick.
yep, missed THREE days of work. i barely missed that when i had pax. {okay so i kid} but seriously i'm going stir crazy. i have the boy home today so that should keep me busy... he's crawling... dum dum dum. he's doing good, not getting into too many things. i already have the cabinets locked from caitie {those are a must} so he can't get into that. i have caught him chewing on magazines and trying to play the wii. =)

i finally took pictures of all my goodies from saturday and i wanted to share.
{minus a few things, my daughter likes junk as much as i do. go figure. ha}
      {a new wooden wreath still wrapped in plastic for .50}         
{a wooden and glass stand $2 for one $3 for the other}       
{a plastic tray .50}
{a pretty pillow case for .25}

{lots of glassware, none over .50}
{lots of pretty frames $1 a piece}
{this coffee/side table $10 and 25% off that. i love it, sean said it was ugly. i hope i can make him eat his words!}


my favorite...
{wire bird cage $3, hadn't even put it on the shelves yet! SCORE! now where to put it?}
{caitie was very happy about her purchases too. haha}

the salvation army had their books on sale so i got three hard backs for .25 a piece. i also found a brand new bag of spanish moss for .50, i was super excited for that. i got a long piece of lace that looked like a table runner but figured i'd do something pretty with that. i also got a pair of shoes and a couple of toys for pax. all under.... $25!!! what a cheap day for shopping!!
i cannot wait to start on these projects when i feel better!!
where is your favorite place to find deals??
happy thursday!


  1. I'm a new follower of friendly Friday follow, please follow me back.
    thanks, Mr Monkey


  2. I love that little bird cage! So cute. The glassware looks like it was a steal too!

  3. All your purchases are great! But I'm smiling with Caitie! Those are my favv!!!


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