June 27, 2010

so the weekend is gone...

so how was everyone's weekend??
we had a good weekend for 3 reasons...
1. no work for me on saturday... yay!!!
2. we finally had a yardsale and made lots of $$
3. i got to take a long nap... oh how i L.O.V.E. naps!!

well reason #1 is the best... no work on saturday doesn't come very often.
#2 was exciting because it was our first yardsale since we've lived in our house... 4 years of junk. sadly we didn't get rid of all of it... but we made lots of money! my husband and i decided to split it down the middle... i'm pondering what i will buy. i'm thinking a criket!
and #3 well just because i have an 8 month old who has yet to sleep through the night... so well all the extra sleep is LOVED!

so tomorrow is monday, back to work, and i'll have some posts.
i've been a bad blogger, but i know you all understand.

ANYWAYS, hope everyone has a good week.

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  1. Brandi, Have you ever considered changing your background color and the size of your font? Love your blog but it is difficult to read.


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