May 23, 2010

flower mirror redo part I...

so today was exciting, i spray painted for the first time... EVER!! i know i know... i have also never modge podged either... so sad.
BUT back to the spray painting, my sister in law told me about the handle/sprayer and said it was awesome so of course i grabbed one of those, and i have to say it was super easy to put on and use.

so what was the first thing i spray painted...

it was this!! i bought this at a local thrift store and got half off, i was so excited and it was definitely something that would go in my daughter's room.

evidently it has been multiple colors and was this ugly reddish pink color when i got it. i sanded it some and seen green, black, pink, and yellow... should be interesting.

of course the next thing i wanted to do was cover the mirror so i broke out the painter's tape...

let me tell you, i should've picked a square mirror, getting around all those curves was almost impossible...BUT i did it!
(p.s.) do you like my spray painting sheet?? my husband and i's first sheet set together... haha. ick!! at least it'll be getting some good use!

i am still working on a coat or two so come back for part II and i will show you how my first project turned out!!

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