August 10, 2010

down memory lane...

this is a project caitie and i did last summer.
we had fun doing it and it's something i'll keep forever.

i need wall coverage in her room, we'd never done any hand/foot prints so i thought "exactly what we're going to do!"

we bought two 2 packs of small canvas, 50% off of course!
picked out pretty paints and got to work!

we painted the canvas and then took her feet put them on two and then the other two canvas we used her hands. we wrote the date on the back and then hubs put hangers on them and up they went.

so simple yet so meaningful!!
when she outgrows them, they will be mine!!

so sad, she starts PRE-K in less than a week.
where does the time go?!?

i will be linking up to these parties found here!

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