August 6, 2010

more birds {i think i'm in love!}...

so did i ever mention how i loove birds, and well bird houses? well i do!
they are SUPER cute, small, cuddly, and they eat worms. {not a reason why i love them, ha}
but i keep finding more of them, and of course more ideas!!

so do you remember this bird from here?
that white paint helped so much, but it was still bland.
plus i have TONS of upper cabinet space that needs some lovin' so i wanted more for the little fellow,
plus if it wasn't perfect i was just going on top of the cabinets where no one could admire it from up close. =)

so i started out here:
i did some experimenting with that pot so it wasn't in the best of shape, but like i said, top of the cabinets. so i decided to paint the pot yellow.

so i painted, it turned out like POO...
 urg, i hate when the vision in my head isn't the vision that comes out. so i decided to use black to cover it up.

some of the yellow showed and it was okay with me.
it turned out like this:

so i was pleased... not perfect by any means but just RIGHT for me!!

do things always turn out as you've planned them?? i find those few and in between!! but not everything can be perfect... just life. we must love it as it is!!!

happy saturday!! enjoy it!

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