August 6, 2010

the summer blues...

hello everyone!!!
hope you didn't forget about me... the hard puppy days {aka late night puppy feedings} are ALMOST over, i can sleep function again!

i have so many projects i need to get done...

hello, my name is brandi, and i am an addict!
i love to think up, buy, and then NOT finish my projects. anyone else as bad as me?!
my kitchen still is NOT painted. but hey, i work a full time job and are taking care of 9 kids {and yes i included my hubs in that, haha} i think i'm doing pretty good to remember to brush my teeth {only kidding}!

but all in serious-ness {is that a word?} anyone else live in the south?
it has been HOT! i mean H-O-T all week long.
OVER THE 100s!!!
which means i run from my car to my front door, i don't like to sweat! hot days = no spray painting = no projects!!
thursday we got rain... HOORAY! after it stopped i realized it cooled off, so i got something ready to paint, only to walk outside and it was raining again. POO!

i went out tonight and it was cool enough to paint.. YIPEE!! so off i went on some projects, plus i had ME time!! <--- that does NOT happen often! dishes were done, laundry done, puppies fed... so i got to work. be sure to follow up on what i started AND what i finished. i seriously think that not finishing projects should be my new years resolution!!

here are some pictures of my past puppy filled week!! they are SO cute and they all have new homes except 2!!
ANNNND they have their eyes open!! SOO sweet!

i hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

PS i did NOT forget about the GIVEAWAY... will start soon... whoo hoo OVER 100 followers!


  1. OK this post is too cute, it hurts my eyes. I want a puppy! *goes to beg husband!*

  2. I know the heat is putting a damper on my projects too! Those pups are just adorable!

  3. Wow... what cuties! Loving the adorable pups here...

  4. Beautiful pupy, cute!
    Big regards and kisses from Croatia.
    Zondra Art


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