July 29, 2010

i am ALIVE...

wow!! it's been a LOOONG time since i've had a post.
wanna know why??


YEP!! we have lola puppies {english bulldog}!!!
very exciting... and we have SIX!!
that is a lot of puppies...

so puppies mean every TWO hour feedings,
making sure they eat enough, they are warm enough, they go potty, and everything else!!
it's VERY stressful, but fun of course!!!
i'm trying to talk hubs into keep one... lola needs a buddy!!
caitie wants to hold them, pax, well he cares less. =)

so i've been very exhausted... but there will be MORE posts I PROMISE!!
so don't forget about me!!


we made it to 100 followers!! HOORAH!
so a giveaway VERY SOON!! stay tuned!!!

hope you guys have a had a good week!!!


  1. CUTE! I love puppies! How exciting for your family! Hopefully you do get to keep one...they are adorable! :)

  2. Awww babieeees! So so so cuuute! English bulldogs are precious. Thanks for posting.

  3. Oh so cute!! These are my DIL favorite dogs. They have a girl that is almost 2 now. Welcome back :)

  4. Those are my favorite kind of dogs! AAh so cute!

  5. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! I am going to be doing a giveaway tomorrow, so add my blog to your sidebar and get a head start on the FUN! :)

  6. Oy! So stinkin' cute! I want a puppy so bad but we just don't have room. Congrats to Lola!

  7. Okay... this picture is so precious! Puppies are so stinkin' adorable and yours are no exception. I love how all their back legs are sprawled out behind them. My hubby and I love bulldogs.

  8. awe puppies!

    I have nominated you for "The Versatile Blogger" award. Come accept your award at www.sueberrylane.info. Have a great day!

  9. OOH! OOH! OOH! Found your blog today doing searches of crafty and thrifty decor blogs - but you had me at "English Bulldog Puppies" ... my family moves in September to our new home and when we arrive we hope to get an English Bulldog puppy of our own... but they are so blasted expensive! Do you breed your Lola frequently and if so how do you handle the puppies? BTW the pics are just adorable, and enjoying your blog otherwise as well! :)


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