July 8, 2010

a bird gets a house...

so i was looking around hobby lobby
{i <3 hobby lobby, i could live there, well almost}
and found these cute bird houses unfinished... half off... so around 1.50.

{i thought it was cuuuute!}

so then i took outside, gave it a good coat of black spray paint.
i let the dry and brought it in.
i had found some cute swirly paper from HL and decided to add that to the house.

{i loooove the paper! sorry it's sorta blurry, i need a new camera!}

i mod podged them onto the roof and let it dry...

AND then it turned out like this:

{i added the white dots because it seemed really dark}

what do you think??
i was going to put it outside but it's too cute, sorry birdies!!

ONE more look...


YEAH, i pretty much love it!! all under $3, can't beat that!!

you can find the parties i'm linking to here.


  1. very cute! i just love bird houses! i have sooo many! love the black and white theme and i agree the dots are a nice addition!

  2. Very cute! The birds wouldn't appreciate the mod house, I don't think - they're not that stylish!
    Thanks for linking up to Heart and Home,
    have a great week!

  3. Love it! So sweet! Now, I think you could charge more for rent for it!
    An upscale bird property!

    Happy Wednesday Gratitude!

    love, kelee

  4. Brandi that is the cutest birdhouse! It's like a little diva palace for a cute birdie! :) You did a wonderful job making it over!!

  5. Sweet! Black and white rule! I love the mod podge, way to make it yours.

  6. I love little bird houses like this! And those little white dots are adorable.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session with Life in the Pitts!


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