July 11, 2010

rainy vacation = no projects...

so i've been on vacation for the past couple days, yay!!
the weather here has been awful!
nothing but rain! i haven't been able to paint or get any projects done that i'd planned to do.
it finally held off for awhile and i got started on...

makes me oh so happy!! =) and i'm actually doing it,
instead of making hubs do it. man it's some hard work. that's okay i need the exercise!!

oh, and my mother in law got a new camera so i got her handme down (can't beat free!) and it's wonderful! so much better than my pink polaroid. i told the hubs he could have that one, he wasn't too keen on that. ha!
hope everyone had a great weekend!
be on the look out for a couple of more projects from me. =)

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