July 7, 2010

kitchen makeover part I...

so i decided i was finally tired of my bright red/cow kitchen.
this is epic! i've had a cow kitchen as long as i've had a kitchen. :)
long time now.

so i've been thinking/dreaming of grey, yellow, black, and white.
completely different than what i have!! i think hope it will turn out awesome.

so the first thing i did was take down all of my pictures... {boy did i have a LOT of pictures!}
i covered the holes with putty and started sanding them.
next i wiped down the walls.
then i brought out the paint and gathered my supplies...
what did i forget??? paint pans!!! i have NONE. so painting has been rescheduled for tomorrow. haha, go figured. i'm ready to paint and i don't have the supplies. =)

let me show you some pictures of my kitchen:

1. notice the ugly light lights.
2. i hate the chair rail.
3. i need new blinds.
1. more of that awful light.
2. did you notice the brass doorknob? yep that's my whole house!
1. the garage door will be a different color.
some other things i want to do to this room are:
1. new floors!!!
2. new sink.
3. different countertops.
4. white cabinets {trying to talk hubs into that one!}
5. shelves for my pantry.
6. paint for my pantry & laundry room.
7. an island.

but be sure to check back on the kitchen part II, surely there will be paint involved!
i hope everyone has had a good wednesday!

i will be linking to these parties found here!!!


  1. I'm SO into grey, yellow, white, etc right now, so I think that'd look AWESOME! Hopefully you can talk your hubby into it! :)
    Thanks for linking this up at gettin' crafty on hump day :)

  2. Painting is such a huge undertaking! But it will also make a huge change. I hope you enjoy the process. You have a long list of things you want to do to the kitchen, it will be fun to see the changes over time.
    Thanks for linking to Wednesday Gratitude, hope you're having a great week.
    Heidi - Heart and Home

  3. OOh, can't wait to see what it turns out like! And I LOVE your color scheme plans! I'm so into white cabinets right now - but haven't decided to take on our oak ones quite yet. You'll be a busy girl with all your projects!! :)


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