May 20, 2010

sooo i'm the new kid in town...

hello all! yes i am the new kid in town...
i have recently discovered "the blog world" and have fell in love... how could i
not? =)
my project list is long and i have burning desire to redo every room in my house, my husband thinks i'm crazy, but i think surely i can do it... between working, being a mommy, and a wife... hopefully without going crazy.

so maybe i should say a few things about myself.
i am a mother to two, Caitie is 4 and Paxton is 7 months tomorrow... =(

(this picture is from halloween 09, we are still obsessed with mermaids)

(baby pax, he's much older now)
i am a wife to sean, i have 5 nieces, another on the way, and 2 nephews.
i am married to my best friend, who gets me and puts up with me. we have an english bulldog, Lola who is well just Lola. =)
you can find us with family most weekends, others at home.
i enjoy thrift stores, shopping, watching movies, occasional baking, eating (what's not to like), taking pictures of my beautiful babies, my pacifica (aka mommy wagon as sean calls it, i just love it!), target, crafting and making things new, decorating the house (with the exception of curtains, hate those...), gardening, and just all around life.

p.s. i need to figure out how to make my blog pretty... anyone have any tips... i would loove to hear them!


  1. Hi Brandi! Welcome to the bloggy world!!!

  2. Welcome to the blog world!
    Your children are adorable and I love bulldogs.
    I'm a work at home wife, full time job and homemaker. Maybe we'll have some things in common. I'm a new follower.

    To help find cool blog templates I always just google "Free blogger templates" most of them have really easy to use codes that you just add as a widget and they have directions for use.

    Lady Hill @

  3. Wow! Looks like you figured out how to "pretty up" your blog. It looks great. ;) Maybe you could teach the rest of us clueless people figure out how to do fun things like: 1)create your own background 2)buttons. If you could also tell me how you put your "before & after" text on your pics - I love the font...I'd love you for it!

    Great job! ;)
    mint n clan dy at g m ai l do t com


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