May 24, 2010

polka dot wall decor...

i wanted to share one of my favorite projects i've ever done. i don't have before and after pictures but it was a very simple, one day project.

(this picture is pre-paxton so excuse the messy-ness)
i made polka dot wall decor out of embroidery hoops. i went to micheal's and bought different sizes of embroidery hoops. i paid maybe  $8 for all of them...
then i took regular craft paint .54 cents for the bottle and painted them white. i didn't even think of spray painting them but it probably would've been so much easier!
i picked out fabrics at Hobby Lobby one to match his bedding set, i bought 1 yard of each and had lots of extras. i ironed them and put them through the hoop as if i were going to embroider something. i cut the fabric down in the back and glued down what i could and hung them up randomly.
i loooooved how they turned out! so simple and under $15... probably a lot less if you had coupons and were less impatient than me.

(his bedding... i loved it! especially the polka dots!)

(my belly a couple of days before he was born)

(newborn baby paxton micheal, isn't he beautiful?)
hope you all had a great monday!!

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  1. I am totally doing this in the play room! I just saw some of those hoops at Good Will and felt like I should buy them but didnt. Drat! Hope they are still there tomorrow. Thanks for the idea. And Paxton is a DOLL!

  2. What a FANTASTIC idea! I love this! Thanks for linking up to Hoo's got talent!


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